These performance parts have been engineered for high performance and racing vehicles by Bondi Engines Inc..  
They have been tested and used under race conditions by Bondi Engines Inc..  However, Bondi Engines Inc., disclaims liability for all damages and or injuries from improper use.  We strongly recommend that these modifications be carried out and or verified by a highly skilled professional racing mechanic.  
It is understood that racing modifications of any vehicle will void the warranty and that such  parts may render use of the vehicle illegal in other than sanctioned racing events under existing Federal, Provincial, and State regulations.



Estimates expire 30 days from the date of estimate, unless otherwise specified.
Estimates are purely an estimate and not a definite contract price.  Owing to the impossibility of determining damage of concealed parts.
We reserve the right to submit a further estimate for approval or otherwise, prices of parts are subject to change without notice.

With any customer wishing to return parts purchased, Bondi Engines Inc., policy is as follows;

1) The parts being returned cannot have been used in any way.
2) The parts being return must be complete to the order processed.
3) Any and all shipping and or brokerage fees are the responsibility of the purchaser and will not be reimbursed upon processing of the credit.
4) A re-stocking fee will be deducted from the original purchase, to cover any and all credit card, bank, and processing fees incurred by Bondi Engines Inc..  The re-stocking fee will be determined  upon the amount of the original processed charge.