The stock 04 REV 800 we Dyno tested made 135hp & 93lbs of torque.
When we ported the cylinders, added V-Force Reeds & Air Box, it made 161hp & 104lbs of torque.
This Kit works with both DPM & standard REV engines.
(Send cylinders & rave assembly)

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Spring                                   $35.96
Pins 21g                                $42.50
​Base Gasket                        $20.96
Inner Head O-Ring             $35.93
Pilots                                     $12.00
Mains                                    $12.00
Air Box Kit                            $264.00
V-Force Reeds                   $349.95
Port Cylinders                    $800.00
Install Kit                             $504.00
Head Modification             $84.00

Re & Re cylinders, clean clutch & install Clutch kit.

​Re: Jet carbs., & install Air Box.